Librería del balcón

Santiago Calatrava: Complete Works – $545

This is the only comprehensive book that covers the entire work of Santiago Calatrava: technological structures, building complexes, urban design, furniture, sculpture and drawings with 300 color images.
Poised against the sky like fantastic giant birds, the bridges and buildings of Santiago Calatrava possess a breathtaking grace and rhythm. Some–including the Milwaukee Art Museum and the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain–are designed to expand and contract like living organisms. In Santiago Calatrava: The Complete Works, Alexander Tzonis portrays the Spanish architect as a unique blend of artist and engineer. At the beginning of his career, Calatrava designed a roof that looks like a flying machine from the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. Tzonis writes that the concept was “a personal manifesto of what architecture could be: innovative, optimistic, rational, and playful.” Conceived a mere eight years later, the Alamillo Bridge in Seville became an instant landmark. A towering, dramatically back-angled pylon supports 13 pairs of cables as deftly as if they were strings on a harp, pushing notions of tension and stability to a thrilling new extreme.


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